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Love the replica Patek Philippe brand and Nautilus design, but want something more luxurious than steel? Patek Philippe has you covered. Patek Philippe offers you the Nautilus in pink gold to platinum, as well as many complications such as a chronograph or a moon phase with calendar. Other popular variants are the two-tone steel and gold Nautilus models. Many people prefer to use this simple three-handed form of the Nautilus - and I don't blame them at all. The Nautilus case is 40 mm wide (with sides) and, as mentioned, it is only 8.3 mm thick and water resistant to 120 meters. Covering the dial is a flat sapphire crystal, and the crown is screwed firmly into the case.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A Mens Steel Blue Dial

An In-Depth Look

I was amused by replica Patek Philippe is move to offer the Nautilus on the strap, as this watch is always used for bracelets. I can see how a strap might be comfortable, but not pairing the Nautilus with a bracelet is just shameful. The bracelet may not be particularly complicated, but it's far from basic. The main horizontal links are brushed, while the rounded and polished center links help add character. The huge tapered bracelet is adorned with attractive beveled edges, another signature Nautilus look. While I love how replica Patek Philippe adorns the Nautilus, I think it could have had more beveled edges and wider lines, which would have added a little flair. In many ways, high-end mechanical luxury replica watches peaked in the 1970s. With the arrival of the quartz crisis in the 1980s came the sale of luxury replica watches. Today, few brands are investing in producing new lines, so most of what they produce is the last part of their massive past investments. As a result, the Nautilus represents a special pinnacle for these high-end mechanical replica watches before the end of the era of mechanical watch dominance in the 1970s. What does it mean that replica Patek Philippe also sells free (and great looking) white gold cufflinks to accompany the Nautilus 5711 / 1A-101 (Ref. 205.9057G)? This is an interesting question, because there is no right answer. For example, perhaps these are expensive and sophisticated accessories that are compatible with the whole concept of who replica Patek Philippe envisions the Nautilus owner to be. My experience with the Patek Philippe Nautilus has been only positive. The slim profile and soft bracelet do not bother the wrist at all, except for the occasional tug on the arm hair. As timepieces go, the dials are mostly legible (although the rounded hour markers and the edges of the hands can blur when light reflects off them) and the movements are very attractive. Top marks for the watch come from the design and construction of the bracelet, but obviously you pay a lot for the privilege of having one to own. What struck me was how many watch enthusiasts noticed and admired the Nautilus, and emphasized what a great job replica Patek Philippe has done in keeping these rare and exciting.


If you are looking to buy an automatic replica Patek Philippe Ref. again consider the 5711 stainless steel with black and blue dial. the Nautilus sports watch line, which includes the Ref. 5711, has been in continuous production for 43 years. But in recent years, demand for that particular model has far outstripped supply, to the point where neither replica Patek Philippe nor any of its retailers will sell it simply because customers splash the cash. Thanks to a long-standing relationship with the Swiss watchmaker, customers whose new models have been carefully vetted are given spots on the waiting list. And, while no one will be specified, the wait is up to eight years. "Why is the Nautilus so popular?" said Thierry Stern, president of Patek Philippe, in an interview at a promotion for family-owned houses in Milan last October. "Of course, I'm happy about that, but I honestly don't know the answer." For Mr. Stern, the topic is both a bit annoying and a source of pride. "We make about 140 different models at replica Patek Philippe, and the basic Ref. 5711 in steel is just one of them. "We have many other models that are more complex and arguably more beautiful." The first Nautilus, Ref. 3700, was launched in 1976, when Mr. Stern's father, Philippe, still headed the company. GéraldGenta, who had created the Royal Oak for Audemars Piguet four years earlier, designed the timepiece, whose name, as well as the circular octagonal bezel and case (inspired by the ship's porthole), drew on Philippe Stern's passion for sailing. It is neither the most expensive nor the most complicated of replica Patek Philippe replica watches. But the consensus among watch aficionados is that it is the most coveted.

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