Key Capabilities and Features

These notes describe the key features of the template which aligns Vector Issue Tracker precisely to the requirements of the Software License Management and Software Asset Optimization functions.

The License Management UI

An installation of Vector License Manager Pro is ready to be used, out of the box. Vector LM Pro has evolved an ergonomic User Interface with data segmented logically in a series of tabbed views.

The tabs organize the license data, contacts and actions involved in the processes of pro-actively managing and tracking software licenses throughout their lifetime. This includes vendor information, license acquisition and allocation, maintenance contract management, and license retirement or disposal. Provision is also made in the UI for defining and managing other asset types.

The tabs operate much as Windows dialogs, without the page refresh delays which make some Web-based tools tedious to use and inefficient. A comprehensive group of shortcuts further reduces effort and reduces cycle times on frequently performed tasks.

License Management Processes

Pro-active License Management can include processes to investigate non-compliance and under-use situations, including delegation and involvement of stakeholders such as departmental purchasers. Reviews of maintenance contracts can be scheduled with departmental stakeholders. The Activity Log interleaves email exchanges chronologically with other recorded actions to provide a complete history of how a licensing issue was resolved.

Integration with IT Asset Databases

Integration with the Vector Asset Manager Pro asset database is focussed on supporting the allocation of licenses against assets. Specifically, License Manager Pro will display the list of PCs and (other) assets, and known Applications and Vendors (to ensure naming consistency). This data could also be read dynamically from any SQL-based Inventory database with a suitable data schema. Integration with Vector's Asset Management database is automatic during installation and configuration.

ITIL and ISO 19770-1

Vector Issue Tracker, the robust and sophisticated business process management engine which drives License Manager Pro, includes key escalation and notification mechanisms needed to fulfil the best practice recommendations of ITIL and other asset management frameworks such as ISO 19770-1. The Reports provided in the License Management template focus strongly on monitoring license optimization, to minimize license over-provision and maximize harvesting and re-allocation.

Available in these Solutions

License Management Template is exploited in these IT Asset Management Solutions

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