Vector PC-Duo Remote Control software v9.10 improves remote computer access by offering increased compatibility with IP-based corporate networks, enhanced IP browsing and added functionality for the end-user.

ATLANTA, GA - (October 5, 2005) – Vector Networks, Inc. (, global provider of innovative desktop management and remote control software solutions, announced today the release of Vector PC-Duo Remote Control v9.10. The remote computer access product will be available to the market on October 17, 2005.

Vector PC-Duo Remote Control software gives technicians instant remote computer access to any desktop PC across the LAN, WAN or Internet, enabling shorter response time and immediate problem resolution. Version 9.10 of the remote control software increases the solution’s compatibility with expanding IP-based corporate networks, including new Gateway support for Proxy servers. This feature allows remote computer access to and from networks that don’t contain a domain name server or transparent firewall.

Updated configurations in Remote Control v9.10 create an advanced IP browsing environment including the ability to use a greater number of broadcast addresses, range of IP addresses or port numbers when browsing the network for clients; to specify a single IP address, network broadcast address and subnet mask; and to deliver a Lookup packet to each address or port by entering a single IP address or port number range.

Additional features in Vector’s remote control software include improved Show performance with a new Maximize Window mode, a Screen Scrape option, an “Execute only if client is logged in” command, silent disconnect and disable replay.

The Active Directory Client Configuration Template has been updated to include new remote computer access options such as new Gateway default port number, proxy server support and DVD playback options. Improved keyboard mapping extends key mappings to handle enhanced 102-key keyboard layouts as well as layouts for five new languages in addition to the existing French and German layouts.

“PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control has always been the most comprehensive remote control software product on the market for enterprise,” said Colin Bartram, managing director. “These new enhancements only improve upon our remote computer access product and they were designed specifically with the user in mind. Vector Networks is continually working to assist our customers with the management and performance of their complex enterprise information systems.”

Vector PC-Duo Remote Control v9.10 will be available as a stand alone solution or as part of an integrated bundle with other PC-Duo Enterprise modules.

About Vector Networks

For more than a decade, Vector Networks has provided the world’s largest and most IT-reliant organizations with innovative technology to manage and protect mission-critical information systems. The company’s primary product offering, PC-Duo Enterprise, is a comprehensive suite of desktop management modules that address management, administration, security and compliance requirements for complex enterprise computing systems. PC-Duo Enterprise solutions are the trusted choice on more than four million enterprise desktops and servers throughout the world and offer out-of-the-box solutions for enterprise desktop management needs.

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