Vector HelpDesk 7.1: applying Business Process Management to IT Support

January 9th 2015 Atlanta GA, Montreal, and Birmingham (UK) — Vector Networks announces v7.1 of its Web-based, ITIL-oriented IT support suite.

Vector's HelpDesk provides mid-size organizations with a flexible, Web-based, SLA-oriented solution for managing IT problems. With near zero churn, long-term customers range from single user support desks in small businesses to government agencies with hundreds of concurrent analyst licenses. The announcement today highlights v7.1's increase in ITIL orientation with interlinked Incident, Problem and Change Management functions.

V7.1 creates more high-level value from the segregated Incident, Problem and Change Request processes by providing holistic views across these activities, clearly showing the relationships between individual items in each process category. A new ‘Related’ tab in each of the Incident, Problem and Change views provides easy access to view and edit all the related items in the other categories.

Erick Yanez, Vector’s CEO, explains how v7.1 supports Change activities – "When an Incident has been escalated to Problem status, and analysis has led to a Change Request, the IT team will need to define how the Change is to be delivered. This could be a simple half hour effort or it could be much more involved, such as testing a new application version and planning and executing an upgrade. These Projects usually span a few days and can be subdivided into Tasks – another new concept in v7.1. Tasks are the discreet pieces of work that are required to complete a Change Project, and have their own workflows."

Erick adds - "V7.1 also responds to the need for tighter control and accountability for changes, by supporting sequential, hierarchical approval processes, so that multiple stakeholders each contribute at the appropriate stage of a change approval. Organizations cannot afford the disruptions and security lapses caused by badly planned change!"

About Vector Networks

Based in Atlanta, Vector Networks specializes in solutions for IT Asset and Service Management. With development based in Montreal and a highly mobile sales and support team, the company understands the needs and challenges of multi-site organizations. Vector solutions have been installed and supported in over 20 countries since the company’s formation twenty two years ago. Its PC-Duo® brand is synonymous with high-quality enterprise-grade PC remote control, including support for virtual desktops. The company has recently established a leading presence in the emerging market for Provisioning Lifecycle Management with its Connect branded product range.

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Elyse Fox
Phone: +1 678 391 3760

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