Vector Networks to Drive Application Streaming through Software Asset Management

Partnership with Endeavors Technologies Announced

Atlanta, GA, December 11, 2007 - IT asset management software vendor Vector Networks has reached a strategic agreement with Endeavors Technologies Inc to integrate AppExpress(TM) application streaming and virtualization technology with the newly released Vector Software Asset Management v5.

This module of the “Vector Virtualization” initiative gives user organizations the ability to dynamically plan and implement selective migration to application virtualization with streaming.

“Our feeling from listening to our customers is that application streaming is becoming much more widely understood as a pragmatic approach to virtualization, however, it is still a very challenging step to take,” said Kevin Kiley, VP sales at Vector Networks. “A clear picture of existing software deployment and patterns of usage are both vital for supporting decisions to switch applications to streaming. The moment of enlightenment for application virtualization seems to come when organizations realize that their needs don’t match the number of application licences that they’ve already purchased. Virtualizing applications keeps licenses at an even keel and total cost of ownership low.”

Erick Yanez, VP Engineering identified Vector’s Software Usage Monitoring as strategically important, saying, “Over the last four years we’ve evolved the data management side of our software usage monitoring to where it retains highly granular information on usage, supporting drill-down analysis from enterprise level summaries down to patterns of use on individual PCs. This structured information helps organizations predict the impact of a transition to streaming on selected applications.”

Vector Networks sees customer adoption of Endeavors’ AppExpress as a consultative process. Kiley noted, “Customers have been adopting our Issue Tracker software for handling a wide range of business issues - such as regulatory compliance - and we see great scope for using the software’s issue escalation capabilities to manage the analysis, decision, and implementation processes that are part of adopting streaming. It’s great to be able to supply not only the core virtualization technology, but the tools to support its implementation.”

Vector expects to start engaging its customer base in evaluations of AppExpress with Vector Asset Management Version 5 in Q1 2008.

Download the currently available modules of Vector Asset Management now.

About Vector Networks

Atlanta based Vector Networks is the US sales and marketing subsidiary of UK-based Vector Networks Technologies Ltd. Vector’s IT asset management software is developed in Canada and Russia, and encompasses PC software and hardware inventory, software distribution, software usage monitoring and software deployment planning. The underlying asset and configuration database also provides a shared foundation for Vector’s IT Service Management solution set, which features its Web-based HelpDesk issue tracking platform. HelpDesk exploits hardware and software inventory information in support of issue resolution and integrates with Vector’s well known PC-Duo™ PC remote control product.

The Atlanta office handles business for the Americas and a network of Asia-Pacific resellers. Vector’s presence in EMEA is provided through a network of VARs managed exclusively for Vector by Virtual Network Partners Ltd ( Virtual also recently formed a relationship with Endeavors, encompassing support and implementation services in addition to sales activities.

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