Vector Networks Re-shapes Solutions Family to Support Virtualization Activity

Atlanta, Ga. - February 04, 2008 - IT asset management software vendor Vector Networks today announced revisions and additions to its standard solutions family to complement its recently signed integration agreement with Endeavors Technologies Inc.

At face value, so great are the benefits of centralized management and simplified maintenance that AppExpress™ and Application Jukebox™ application streaming and virtualization technologies are easy to justify. This is before factoring in the potential cost saving arising through more dynamic management of license allocation. However, Vector and Endeavors share the perception that corporate adoption of application virtualization will be greatly supported by the new combination of the analytic capabilities of the recently released v5 of Vector's Software Asset Management solutions.

"We've found that adopting a radically new approach to application management is not something that organizations easily take on trust. A solid appreciation of where they are today is the starting point from which they can derive a picture of the costs and benefits they will generate by the change," said Kevin Kiley, VP sales at Vector Networks. "However, once in possession of a clear picture of existing software deployment and patterns of use, organizations can move swiftly into pilot installations to evaluate benefits compared to their status quo and validate the claims made for AppExpress."

The new offering, labelled the Software Asset Compliance and Optimization solution, focuses on four stages of the process of optimization of software assets -

  • Understanding and quantifying requirements
  • Inventorying installed instances of applications
  • Establishing current compliance status and alternative corrective actions
  • Reviewing patterns of software usage to identify opportunities for re-deployment and more intelligent provisioning

In Vector's view, taking either software compliance or software cost reduction as isolated objectives is at worst a mistake, or at best a lost opportunity. Introducing application virtualization is best considered as a key element of an overhaul of how application software is selected, provided, and maintained inline with the organization's needs.

"Integrating AppExpress with Vector's Software Asset Management offering allows Vector to provide organizations a complete and powerful solution for on-demand delivery and centralized management of applications," said Neil Gardner, vice president of marketing at Endeavors Technologies. "We foresee a need for an asset management environment that encompasses both conventional and virtualized application provisioning and Vector"s solution set provides the building blocks and integration hooks for that environment."

A 30-day full functionality trial of the Software Asset Compliance and Optimization solution is now available for download.

About Vector Networks

Atlanta based Vector Networks is the US sales and marketing subsidiary of UK-based Vector Networks Technologies Ltd. Vector's IT asset management software is developed in Canada and Russia, and encompasses PC software and hardware inventory, software distribution, software usage monitoring and software deployment planning. The underlying asset and configuration database also provides a shared foundation for Vector's IT Service Management solution set, which features its Web-based HelpDesk issue tracking platform. HelpDesk exploits hardware and software inventory information in support of issue resolution and integrates with Vector's well known PC-Duo™ PC remote control product. The Atlanta office handles business for the Americas and a network of Asia-Pacific resellers. Vector's presence in EMEA is provided through a network of VARs managed exclusively for Vector by Virtual Network Partners Ltd. Virtual also recently formed a relationship with Endeavors, encompassing support and implementation services in addition to sales activities.

About Endeavors

Endeavors Technologies creates, develops and markets innovative application virtualization and streaming technologies that allow servers to stream pc-based applications to client computers where they are subsequently executed. These "next stage" technologies replace thin client computing paradigms. Application virtualization and streaming enables organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership while improving service levels, simplifying the management of computers and improving security and reliability. This innovative application distribution methodology provides companies with new revenue opportunities while reducing IT costs and increasing user productivity. Endeavors Technologies is a pioneer and thought leader with eight patents granted and 25 pending, including the first patents granted for streaming applications. Endeavors Technologies provides its solutions through licensing, royalty and technology transfer models. Visit for more details.

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