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From simple applications to complex suites, Vector License Manager manages your on-premise PC software license entitlement from vendors including Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle. Vector License Manager supports multiple on-premise licensing models from per device, per user to enterprise license agreements. Your license entitlement can be allocated to specific users, devices and departments within the organisation. Reports and dashboards clearly highlight if your organization has fallen out of compliance so appropriate measures can be taken.

Vector License Manager monitors and approves subscriptions to cloud applications and services such as SalesForce and Office 365. The ability to allocate these subscriptions at whatever level of granularity you need is a key feature of an 'enterprise-grade' license management system. Identifying groups of cloud service subscriptions that are functionally associated and are normally used together also enables your license management system to contribute to your IT configuration management.

Respond to rapidly evolving demand for access to apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry mobile phone and tablet devices. A license management system must support the association of applications with individual users if necessary and record who authorized its availability to each user. The rapid adoption of mobile apps also means that IT configuration management must move to a more user-centric approach, in which software assets can be optimized on a per-user basis.

Vector License Manager handles the complete software life cycle from employee request, through approval, procurement and provisioning, to eventual retirement. Software updates can be subjected to rigorous change control to prevent damaging outages from unforeseen knock-ons. Vector License Manager will integrate with IT asset management and IT configuration management tools such as Vector's Asset Manager Pro or Microsoft SCCM to keep track of where software has been provisioned. License Manager also embraces location and organization structures to make it easier to allocate licenses and relate software expenditure to cost centers; this gives your software asset management greater relevance to the organization.

Keep on top of license, subscription and maintenance renewals using workflows. Set up email alerts to keep IT and asset managers informed throughout the software lifecycle process and provide timely reminders of renewals. A pro-active approach to software asset management demands that a license management system is more than a detailed repository. It will help generate a flow of software configuration management tasks, and will need partnering with a flexible software distribution system that is capable of both delivering and removing on-premise software.

Dashboards and reports provide IT and asset managers with the information they need to ensure their software estate is legal and compliant. This is true of any license management system, but Vector's License Manager goes further and enables you to optimize your software configuration management and achieve the closest practical match between requirement and deployment.

Vector License Manager comes with a free PC Discovery auditing capability for organisations without an existing software inventory solution.

Vector License Manager leverages and complements your existing PC Discovery and Configuration infrastructure such as Microsoft System Centre.

Software asset management is being increasingly regarded as an important contributor to operating cost reduction, and this is further supported and facilitated by Vector License Manager's integration with license purchase and supplier information held in your existing solutions - from Microsoft Dynamics or Excel, through to SAP.

Vector License Manager facilitates adoption of ISO 19770-1 as the basis for continuous improvement of software asset management and license compliance enabling organizations to demonstrate that it takes SAM seriously.

Vector License Manager can be installed in your own data center or is available fully hosted and managed. Permanent or rental licensing available to meet your requirements.

On-premise, Mobile App and Cloud service software management
Integration with 3rd party discovery tools such as Microsoft SCCM
Ensure your organisations software estate is legal and compliant

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