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Vector License Manager manages all of your on-premise PC software license entitlement from vendors including Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle.

Vector License Manager monitors and approves subscriptions to cloud applications and services such as SalesForce and Office 365.

Vector License Manager provides control of Apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Black Berry mobile phone and tablet devices.

Vector License Manager handles the complete software life cycle from employee request, through approval, procurement and provisioning.

Email alerts keep IT and asset managers informed throughout the software lifecycle process and provide timely reminders of renewals.

Dashboards and reports provide IT and asset managers with the information they need to ensure their software estate is legal and compliant.

Vector License Manager comes with a free PC Discovery auditing capability for organisations without an existing software inventory solution.

Vector License Manager leverages and complements your existing PC Discovery and Configuration infrastructure such as Microsoft System Centre.

Vector License Manager provides integration with license purchase and supplier information held in your existing solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Excel.

Vector License Manager facilitates adoption of ISO 19770-1 as the basis for continuous improvement of software asset management and license compliance enabling organizations to demonstrate that it takes SAM seriously.

Vector License Manager can be installed in your own data center or is available fully hosted and managed. Permanent or rental licensing available to meet your requirements.

On-premise, Mobile App and Cloud service software management
Integration with 3rd party discovery tools such as Microsoft SCCM
Ensure your organisations software estate is legal and compliant

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