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The man behind the machete slingshot has created his latest work of destruction, a chainsaw made from steak knives.

The latest Badass Knife of the week continues to prove that the best utility knives are often the simplest of knives.

This blade is a great addition to any collection.

The Tachi, a legendary Japanese blade that predates the Katana, is an ancient sword. The Tachi, which was once the longest curved sword in Japan, is a testament to the Tachi's impressive reach and striking power. This elegant sword, also known as the Nodachi and Odachi, was used by two-handed warriors during the Kamakura Period to deliver deadly cutting blows.

I'll admit, there was a time when I considered naively that this knife could be genuine. Maybe the Burmese Army bought a few thousands Dark Ops Knives and poor soldiers unloaded them on street vendors at a giyu katana swords nearby single edged broadsword fraction of their original price.

It was a more powerful sword than the basic katana short sword (the earlier arming weapon) and therefore more useful for mounted knights fighting other cavalry or foot soldiers. The hand-and-a-half sword could be used to attack lightly armored archers while mounted, and it could be used two-handedly against heavily armored opponents.

You might think it is crazy to include a push-dagger in this list of the best EDC fixed-blade knives, since they are only made for one purpose. But you would be surprised by how versatile these knives actually are.

The first type was the Cutting Hanger. This single-edged, slightly curved sword was hung by the belts and sidearms of foot soldiers in 16th century Europe.

The swords known as Ulfberht had the inscription: +VLFBERH+T. This is where the letter T at authentic tachi sword the end of each word was separated. Many people believe that it is a maker's sign-off rather than a religious invocation. The spelling of the name is usually slightly different in inferior copies or contemporary forgeries.

similar to the way Gojo was regarded in his universe. It's just one example. And I have already discussed how the story's protagonist was handled well. Chrollo's special ability

The safety lock prevents the blade from opening accidentally, while the pocket clip makes it easy to carry the knife.

Between the Han Dynasty (202 BC 鈥?9 AD) and Sui Dynasty (581 to 618) periods, a number of short-lived Kingdoms arose in north China and Central Asia, each based upon a unique set political ideals and institution practices.

Several other allegations have been made, and are quite substantiated. Bear is known to stay in hotels when on survival missions. According to an article published in 2007 in the Daily Mail about Bear, he stayed at the Pines Resort Hotel during an episode where he ate the head of a snake. He also boasted about living with ""just a bottle of water, a cup, and a piece flint.""