Vector Networks' flagship PC Configuration Management suite adds deployment capabilities for Windows 7

August 5th, 2010 — Atlanta, Montreal, and Birmingham (UK) — Vector Networks, a leader in IT asset and service management solutions, today announced Vector Configuration Manager Pro v5.8 with software distribution capability for Windows 7.

Configuration Manager Pro is known for its comprehensive industry-leading features including Asset Discovery, Inventory and Mapping, Configuration Monitoring and Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis, and Software Distribution. The new version completes the delivery of all these capabilities for Windows 7 systems, and partners the Asset Manager Pro solution's delivery of Inventory, Software Requirements Planning and Software Usage Measurement to Windows 7.

In particular, the new v5.8 Configuration Manager Client introduces software distribution for Windows 7 PCs. This feature gives users the ability to distribute everything, from driver and OS updates to entire application suites, to any selection of PCs in their network, and with support for all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 up to Windows 7.

“With Windows 7 now seeing significant roll-out in our customer base it was time to take this capability out of its extended testing period and make it available”, said Kevin Kiley, VP Sales and Business Development for Vector Networks. “This means we have the complete set of modules — Discovery and Inventory, Configuration Monitoring and Diagnostics, and Software Distribution, available for Windows 7. Software Distribution is also an essential active capability for achieving Software License Optimization; pro-active re-allocation of unused software becomes a practical proposition. For that reason we are also making Software Distribution available as an add-on to Asset Manager Pro.”

Erick Yanez, Vector Network's Montreal-based VP of Development, explains the control that customers have over the software distribution process. “Vector's CM Pro uses powerful Fixed and Dynamic Groups to make it easy to target all PCs in a specific department, or location, or simply all those PCs with a specific application already installed. Delivering urgent application updates couldn't be simpler.

The ability of our agent to execute privileged tasks in the background means it can also be used to carry out remote de-installs of unused - or unlicensed - software.

The great majority of customers prefer to distribute software completely silently, but even with the Windows 7 security provisions we are able to offer interaction with the logged-on user if required. And of course we still make no special demands on the user's privileges.”

Full ‘What's New’ details of the v5.8 release are available as a downloadable PDF at

About Vector Networks

Based in Atlanta, Vector Networks specializes in solutions for desktop asset and service management, issue tracking, and business process automation. Its PC-Duo brand is synonymous with high-quality enterprise-grade remote control. Vector Networks solutions have been installed and supported in over 20 countries since the company's formation seventeen years ago. With development based in Montreal and a highly mobile sales and support team, the company understands the needs and challenges of multi-site organizations.

Vector Networks also specializes in providing solutions which integrate RFID-based location tracking with IT asset management, effectively forming a bridge between asset security and asset management functions. For further information, visit, or contact the company at

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