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Boardroom Bullet-points
These discussion points may help position Asset Manager Pro to your boardroom colleagues.
  • More than ever before, IT has to respond precisely and completely to the needs of the organization.
  • With performance increasingly governed by service level agreements and other performance measures, IT becomes a ‘business within the business’.
  • IT Asset Management is all about equipping the CIO with the tools to manage and optimize the IT resources which drive that business within the business.
  • If an organization intends to set out on a process of Software Asset Optimization, and to look for savings through software license harvesting, there must first be a deep understanding of the real pattern of use of the software assets.
  • The accurate software usage information provided by Asset Manager Pro is also important to achieving maximum alignment with the Change Management and Asset Management best practices recommended in ITIL.
  • Software usage information is also vital information for any organization considering desktop virtualization or desktop application streaming.

Managing the Business of IT

Solution Deliverables

  • Accurate, up-to-date information with which to manage your IT Assets.
  • Increased effectiveness in IT asset management.
  • Software license compliance and minimized licensing costs – the key goals for software asset management.
  • The tools and opportunity to pro-actively optimize your application software licensing and deployment. Our white paper on Software Asset Optimization outlines this best practice approach.
  • Accurate desktop refresh planning.
  • Accurate targeting of hardware and software provision relative to the organization’s needs.
  • Progress toward a shared CMDB to support asset and service management functions.
  • Asset Management capabilities for organizations pursuing ISO 19770 / ITIL objectives.

Solution Highlights

  • PC Discovery, PC Hardware Inventory and PC Software Inventory
  • Software Usage Monitoring
  • Policy-driven Application Package Policy Manager (PPM)
  • Network Device Discovery and Mapping
  • Drill-down, Web-based reports, organized in sets around your business needs, and featuring a set of reports focussed on Microsoft Windows OS and applications, suitable for response to a Microsoft SAM engagement or license audit.
  • Supports LAN-connected and remote Web-connected PCs
  • One-shot audit mode for Inventory only

Solution Components in Vector Asset Manager Pro

Follow these links to discover more about the power of Vector’s IT Asset Management solutions.

Complementary Solutions

If efficient (re)deployment of applications and application updates is a separate problem that you would like solved with a tightly integrated extension to your foundation asset management tool, then evaluate the combination of conventional software distribution and advanced application streaming in Vector’s Software Provisioning Pro Solution.

The functionality in AM Pro is also available broken out into two more narrowly focussed solutions. Asset Discovery and Mapping provides the discovery and regular inventory of desktop and network assets, complete with network location mapping. The Software License Compliance and Optimization solution focuses on software inventory, and adds continuous software usage monitoring and the Application Package Policy Manager (PPM). PPM enables you to estimate your application license requirements and then compares the ideal with the reality of your current deployed software.

Organizations concerned with the security of their assets and data are increasingly turning to Vector for an RFID based tracking solution, tightly integrated into AM Pro’s foundation asset management database. Each Vector Asset Locator installation is customized to the customer’s campus, asset mix and security issues.

Further Information and Resources

If you prefer to review information before downloading a trial copy of the Asset Manager Pro solution, the following resources are available to you -

Or download the fully functional 30-day trial.

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