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Asset and Data Security: the Nightmare

Recent examples, and broader survey information, include –

  • A comprehensive study by the Computer Security Institute and the FBI estimated the financial impact of the average laptop theft at over $48,000.
  • Far too many companies have no record of laptop serial numbers, making recovery near impossible even if police retrieve a haul of stolen machines. (Serial number collection is an absolute must-have for a desktop inventory tool!)
  • A laptop containing Gulf War planning information was stolen from the trunk of a car of a UK Ministry of Defence official.
  • The Chateau office building in Woodland Hills LA was raided in April 2009 and PCs and laptops taken from over 50 companies. Some of the systems included tax information, credit card information and legal documents.
  • Bord Gáis Energy reported that a burglary took place on Friday, June 5th 2009 in one of its Dublin offices. During this incident four laptops were stolen, one of which contained customer information and bank details for 75,000 Bord Gáis Energy electricity customers.

When a laptop is lost or stolen, the value attached to confidential data often far outweighs the value of the lost device. The data may have no inherent value but its confidentiality is paramount. In the last two years, the main concern regarding loss of customer information has moved from the potential for industrial espionage to the potential for identity theft. The cost of informing every individual whose confidentiality has been compromised, and the risk of class action suit from those involved, makes a $1,000 laptop containing identity information for 100,000 individuals simply a nightmare.

In today's climate of personal accountability for the protection of corporate and personal information, can any CIOs ignore the significant operational advantages and preventative benefits that can be achieved from the introduction of RFID location technology and its integration into the rest of infrastructure management?

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