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The Value of Location Information in IT Operations

It is a fact of life that in an era of increasing virtualization of resources, someone still has to deal with the lifecycle and maintenance of the real equipment on which those virtual resources are built. And some resources, such as notebooks and PDAs, will continue to exist in parallel to increasing virtualization. If you want to work in an airport lounge and access hosted applications and servers, you still need devices. At an operational level, in what ways can Location Technology contribute to IT management? Some examples –

  • Europe at least has strict disposal laws for IT equipment, and it's no longer acceptable simply to write a PC off as fully depreciated and stop worrying about it. (The format for disposal information can be customised within Vector's IT Asset Management solution.) Finding systems that must be disposed of in accordance with regulations has become important.
  • Compliance and Audit. The ability to locate highly mobile ‘fixed assets’ provides verification and support for personal accountability that physical assets are still within the organization. This is important to audit and compliance functions, and technologies such as Dual-Active RFID (see below) can provide data at vastly reduced cost compared with a traditional ‘walk-round’ refresh of bar-coded information.
  • A suitable locator technology can provide information in real-time, contributing value into areas such as Service Management that are inherently real-time driven. Dual-Active RFID is particularly useful in this context.

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