Manage SaaS & Cloud Spend

Vizor - Manage SaaS Subscription Costs & Control Shadow IT


Vizor manages software subscriptions and the approval and provision of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. Vizor is uniquely positioned to manage all software expenditure whether incurred by cloud services or on-premises software. From Office 365 to a SaaS subscription or AWS Instance, the complete lifecycle and spend can be managed in Vizor.


Monitor financial transactions to uncover SaaS and Cloud purchases and their total cost to your organization.


Manage the allocation of SaaS applications and Cloud infrastructure to employees, departments and projects.


Collaborate on the approval of SaaS and Cloud requests and renewals to eliminate unnecessary spend.


Enable employees to meet the ever-changing demands of the business by not closing the door to innovative solutions.

Reduce subscription spend

Subscription models of software procurement are predicted to overtake traditional perpetual licensing and maintenance by 2019. Vizor's SaaS and Cloud discovery functionality monitors financial transactions so software purchases can firstly be discovered then managed. Single line items from invoices and credit cards can be tracked in Vizor with specific functionality for auto renewing SaaS subscriptions and reporting recurring costs at department and per employee basis.

  • Central visibility
  • Allocate to employees, departments, projects
  • Review auto renewing subscriptions
  • Renewal reminders
  • Department, employee costs
  • Provisioning Onboarding / Offboarding

Manage Shadow IT

40% of cloud services are commissioned without the involvement of IT. Vizor manages the request and approval of SaaS applications like SalesForce and DocSign and cloud infrastructure services from Azure and AWS. Vizor enables IT to meet the ever-changing demands of the business without closing the door to innovative new cloud solutions by empowering users and departments whilst keeping IT in control.

  • Empower employees and departments
  • Request Portal
  • Multiple layers of approval
  • Preapproval; Cutting red tape
  • Provisioning automation
  • Curated role based catalogue

Control Cloud Sprawl

To combat cloud sprawl Vizor, manages the complete lifecycle of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. Onboarding and Offboarding functionality manages the provision and de-provision of SaaS and Cloud assets so they are right-sized for the role of every employee and requirement of each project. Vizor eliminates overspending on SaaS subscriptions for ex-employees and cloud infrastructure such as virtual instances which are no longer required by the business.

  • Bring ITAM principles to the cloud
  • Check in and out of cloud assets
  • Renewal reminders
  • Required until tracking
  • Facilitate reuse
  • Department accountability

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