Solution Deliverables...

  • Accurate, up-to-date license information with which to manage your software assets.
  • Increased effectiveness in overall IT asset management.
  • Software license compliance AND minimized licensing costs.
  • Strengthened negotiating position with software vendors.
  • Accurate forecasting of software licensing and maintenance expenditure.
  • Software Asset Management capabilities for organizations pursuing ISO 19770 / ITIL objectives.

Solution Highlights

  • Sophisticated database structure handles today’s complexities of multiple license types, multiple license purchases, multiple buying departments, etc.
  • Powerful, configurable workflow engine drives pro-active license management activities. License Manager Pro is MUCH more than just a repository for license information.
  • Integration with Vector Asset Manager Pro’s software inventory database, and any other SQL-accessible inventory database.
  • Integration with license purchase and supplier information held in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Extensions for other asset types and asset lifecycle management - providing opportunities for increased RoI.
  • Web architecture and intuitive UI for non-technical administrative users and purchasing stakeholders.
  • Dashboard and drill-down, Web-based reports in Vector IT Portal with logon-based control of data access.
  • Available on-premise, with permanent or rental licensing, or hosted in SaaS mode.

Solution Components in Vector License Manager Pro

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Complementary Solutions

If efficient (re)deployment of applications and application updates is a parallel problem that you would like solved with a tightly integrated extension to your foundation asset management tool, then evaluate the software distribution capabilities in Vector’s Classic Software Distribution Solution.

License Manger Pro integrates with the software inventory held in Vector’s Asset Manager Pro solution and its derivative Software Compliance and Optimization solution. This software-focussed solution combines Software Inventory with continuous Software Usage Monitoring and the Application Package Policy Manager (PPM). PPM enables you to estimate your application license requirements and then compares the ideal with the reality of your current deployed software.

License Management is often introduced in parallel with Change Management, concerning the need to control the process in which new application versions are tested and implemented

Further Information and Resources

If you prefer to review information before downloading a trial copy of the License Manager Pro solution, the following resources are available to you -

Or download the fully functional 30-day trial.

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