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By Colin Bartram, Director of Technology, Vector Networks (Page 4 of 4)

The Support Service: Value v Performance

Finally, among all this attention to performance against targets measured in minutes, hours and days, we must not forget the impact on the end user and specifically the end user's experience of the support service. If the support desk is reporting magnificent performance to management in terms of issue resolution times, but half the end users cannot face the rude treatment they receive and would rather struggle without reporting their problems, then the organization will suffer massively. In Vector's view, the starting point is ensuring the support team are properly equipped with complementary tools such as PC-Duo remote control and access to accurate software inventory and PC configuration information. Feeling they are appreciated by their own management is a precursor to behaving properly with their end users!

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

To ensure this vital measurement of success is captured, Vector's HelpDesk and Issue Tracker solutions both include out-of-the-box mechanism for capturing the end-user's feedback on their experience of the service they have just received. As well as inviting free-format comment, predefined categories provide a simple way of grading experience, which can be sorted and analyzed to determine the team's strong points and weaknesses, ‘problem users’ and difficult analyst/user relationships. There are six out-of-the-box characteristics which can be rated by the end-user; they are –

  • Timeliness of response when incident first reported
  • Timeliness of response through to resolution
  • Clear and pro-active communication throughout the transaction
  • Support analyst's technical skills
  • Support analyst's product knowledge
  • Support analyst's courtesy and professionalism

Perhaps the Overall Customer Satisfaction report is the most telling report of all to circulate to management!

Thank-you for reading these notes

We hope this material has been useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us on (800) 330 5035 if you would like to discuss your help desk or issue tracking requirements. Your own comments on this Web site are always welcome at webmaster@vector-networks.com.

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