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Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: Customers and Contacts

The Issue Tracker system synchronizes with Customer accounts in Microsoft Dynamics, automatically importing them as users, contacts or companies. Integrations with multiple Microsoft Dynamics servers is possible and administrators can define any number of rules of what accounts are integrated and how.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: Data

In addition to the ability to synchronize with Contacts, Issue Tracker can synchronize with invoices and RMAs with Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains, importing relevant fields and showing invoice information from a Web user interface.

Combined with the new RMA Tickets functionality, it brings extra functionality, all integrated with the rest of the system.

It allows the user to view and select serial numbers from Great Plains invoices as well as shipping information, purchase orders and more, all in real- time.

Integration with SIP-compatible phones

Great value can be gained by providing the analyst with instant access to key data about the person or organization that is calling.

Vector's Issue Tracker and its IT support HelpDesk derivative can now establish browser-based connection with any SIP based VoIP telephony system, such as Cisco's, and trigger the phone system to relay the caller ID for any call made to the specific analyst extension. This enables a pop-up to be displayed to the analyst, with key information concerning the caller.

Enhanced Integration with Asset Management

Tracking incidents, problems and change management requests associated to IT equipment has never been easier. In addition to computer hardware, software and changes, the details of non- computer asset types are now fully accessible from Issue Tracker. Browse and search for computers and other assets efficiently then link them to tickets.


Revision History Reports

New Revision History reports allow users to visualize in a graphical and simplified way the history of the issue at a glance, including the time the issue stayed at each status and the responsible persons.


Performance enhancements

Performance has been greatly enhanced throughout the entire product by using several advanced Web techniques.

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