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Sophisticated software for Film and TV asset management

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Sophisticated software for Film and TV asset management.

Equipment management

During film and TV production the cost of transient equipment is vast. Vizor provides a repository for managing film and TV assets and associated processes. Required equipment can be planned for, approved by a manager, purchased or hired; all these process can be streamlined and automated within the Vizor system. Should assets need repair or replacement or be lost or stolen these shortcomings can be controlled as well. Vizor’s notification system ensures you're informed, sending renewal notifications for warranties, tracking and locating assets and sending reminders for maintenance requirements. Vizor can even calculate the depreciation of different film and TV equipment assets and integrate with your suppliers.

Crew - Who has what?

To avoid the risk of significant losses it’s important to know where expensive film and TV production equipment is located at all times. Film sets are busy places and equipment can easily get mixed up or placed in the hands of the wrong crewmember. To avoid this Vizor can help allocate assets to their correct owner or project, as well as track where the assets are and ensure that they are returned on time. Crewmembers can request certain pieces of equipment that they may need for a specific day or project using a self-service portal, followed by an approval process from a manager. Role-based provisioning knows which crewmembers should have what based on roles or specific projects, leaving the team with less to worry about and more time to make movie magic!

On location

Film crews are frequently jet-setting around the globe for various projects, so how do they properly track the various pieces of equipment needed? This task can be daunting, and a proper protocol must be in place so as not to risk precious cargo going to the wrong location. With Vizor, film and TV equipment can be allocated to locations or sets in specific places, right down to a small region of space within a location. A project manager can see exactly which piece of equipment is at which location during filming and ensure that each is in its proper place. Vizor system holds additional information such as shipping requirements, approvals for placing certain assets at a location and equipment inventory management.

Sophisticated software for Film and TV asset management.


Complete asset life cycle management

Manage the complete asset life cycle from request, through approval, procurement and provisioning.

Asset location tracking

Track assignment of film and TV assets against physical locations throughout production.

Role based provisioning

Automatic assignment to crewmembers based on their role or specific projects.

Alerts and reminders

Keep informed throughout production with timely reminders such as maintenance notifications.

Customizable UI, fields and processes

Creating new data fields and workflows is trivial, no developer skills are required to meet your exact requirements.

File repository for related asset documentation

Store all documentation and contracts related to your assets in a central and secure location.

Supplier integration

Integrate with asset purchase and supplier information and systems.

Calculate asset depreciation

Calculate asset depreciation based on out of the box or custom asset depreciation schemes.

feature-rich product with strong asset inventory and management capabilities. "

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