Automate User Provisioning with Vizor

All IT managers have experienced the many tasks streaming in once a new employee is hired. The on-boarding of assets for new employees is a difficult project, as it requires various assets and system accessing within a short period of time. Luckily, IT managers can now rely on  Vizor to come to their rescue! The Vizor system can make life easier by orchestrating and automating the provision of assets.

New employees are often unproductive during the first day in a new job. Have you ever experienced this? You excitedly arrive at your new job, ready to go, and can’t logon to your computer. You also can’t access legacy systems or any of the documents you need for your first day. Uh oh…it looks like the first day might be a bust. Now matter how many username and password combinations you try, you can’t seem to make any progress. You feel bad asking the IT team over and over, as they are clearly struggling to set you up today.

This is where Vizor comes in. New employees can be on-boarded directly in to the Vizor system, via an existing HR system or an Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet might contain the new employee’s first name, last name, job title, start date and end date. Vizor is configurable so that an on-boarding event can easily be created for the requirements of the IT manager.

When the new employee is recognized by the Vizor system, Windows and legacy accounts are automatically created. Additionally, access to required documents is easily and instantly provided, so that no time is wasted on the employee’s first day. The system can also integrate with an existing IT helpdesk system by creating tickets for on-boarding tasks, like role-based asset provisioning, which require the attention of managers.

By clicking on an asset in the system, managers can configure automation actions for provisioning or deprovisioning the asset.  For instance, an end date could trigger the termination of an employee and the subsequent asset deprovisioning process if required. The Vizor system will also recycle any software licenses, so that they can be reused by other employees in the organization.

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