Tough economic climate drives a shift in SAM focus?

It’s too much of a coincidence that we are seeing more interest now in the combined virtues of Software Inventory and Application Software Usage Measurement. Software Inventory in support of compliance audit has always been seen as something of a gamble as far as RoI is concerned. Each organization is unsure as to whether it is over- or under-licensed, hence unsure as to whether a ‘true-up’ is going to cost money or save money. 

But just about everyone is convinced that they have under-used and totally unused applications installed across their network.  So the first item on the agenda – even before an audit – is to quantify the what and where of your unused applications. Then, when your audit is complete, you are already armed with information on where you have spare, unused application copies that can be removed to assist in achieving compliance on licensing. Monthly reports highlight any new anomalies that could indicate potential savings.

The whole Software Asset Optimization process of assessing true application requirements, deploying only where needed, and monitoring usage as the feedback loop, is now a practical proposition. We believe it is long overdue.