Top 3 Reasons for Using a License Management System

You may have a vague idea of what a license management system does, or even a clearer picture of exactly how it works. But why is it a necessary investment for your firm? After all, you’ve always managed your firm’s software licenses with an Excel spreadsheet, and it’s probably worked fairly well up until now. You may see room for streamlining the process, but you don’t necessarily want to shell out for a complex and intimidating system. However, there are a number of reasons why a license management tool is critical and can make a world of difference to your firm. The process and complexities of keeping track of licenses within your organization can become simple and efficient, with one small change. Here’s why:

1. You will never miss a license renewal again! A notifications system will always remind you well before your next renewal is due, so you can stay on top of your licenses.

2. Your software estate will remain legal & compliant. This will save your organization the stress of worrying about audits & potential pesky fines. Manual inventory cannot guarantee that your firm falls short on certain required licenses.

3. Who doesn’t want to save money? A license management system will optimize your software license entitlement, and significantly reduce IT costs in turn.

We know license management can be tough, so we want your firm to streamline the entire process – from license request to retirement. Do your organization a favour by installing an easy, centralized repository for all of your software, and saving loads of time & money as a result. Vector License Manager is intelligent, without being overly complex. It’s exceptionally simple, but with the extensive functionalities that your organization needs, making it a great start for handling your firm’s growing number of licenses. Get your license management under control by making the switch today, and we promise you won’t regret it.

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