New Software Asset Management Features!

We are pleased to announce updates to Vizor Software (previously known as Vector License Manager).

Software inventory normalization
Vizor’s own network discovery capability and integrations with third party tools such as Microsoft SCCM have always provided rich data regarding what software is installed on your devices. However the amount of inventory data collected can be huge and can easily become unmanageable making it impossible to create actionable software asset management compliance and optimisation reports.

Vizor’s new software inventory normalization capability transforms raw inventory data into usable information for license and software asset management by eliminating garbage versions, patches and driver updates and permitting grouping of valid license versions.

Over compliance reporting
Vizor’s existing analytics reporting has been extended to show the cost of surplus licenses in your organisation. Over compliance thresholds can easily be specified to ensure you’re only alerted when appropriate.

Per CPU and Per Core license compliance
Vizor now includes an extensible license compliance engine, in addition to this compliance for Per CPU and Per Core license models are now supported out of the box without any additional configuration.

App Portal
Vizor now includes an end user software request app portal. Vizor’s App Portal reduces overspending, prevents shadow IT, and improves management and deployment of software assets.

And there’s more…
Improvements have also been made to effective license position (ELP) reports, serial number/license allocation, Microsoft SCCM integration and the assignment of licenses to departments and locations.

We’re really excited about these new features, for more information please follow the links below.

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