Microsoft Agreement Renewal Coming Up? Get Smart!

Well known Microsoft watcher Mary-Jo Foley alerts us to a new report from Microsoft Directions with some very useful observations for any organization interested in reducing its annual spend on Microsoft renewals.

The negotation process to minimize that spend is going to be illuminated and strengthened for the end-user organization if they have clear information on their use of their installed Microsoft software – whether it’s the extra copies of Visio someone bought, or all the copies of Office Professional purchased when it was difficult to assess and define which users would be OK with Office Standard.

If you’re coming up to renewal time with Microsoft, why not call your sales contact at Vector and ask about special deals – yes, we’ve got some good recession-buster offers too – on our specialised reporting capabilities on MS Office component usage. With the new Web-enabled usage measurement agent, you could take a survey without even having to host the usage database.

Why not call us today? 

If you don’t, I’d still recommend reading Mary-Jo’s article.