Using Notifications in License Manager

You may be wondering why an IT or SAM manager would need a notification system in place for asset management. These individuals tend to be very busy, handling the complexities of IT asset management while trying to remain prepared for any internal or external circumstances. One of the most critical components of managing licenses relates to timing, as effective asset management involves being ready for expiries, renewals, approvals, and other scenarios. Vector License Manager’s notification system sends timely and useful reminders to the appropriate managers in the organization, keeping them up-to-date and leaving them with time to complete other tasks. Here are just a few of the ways in which notifications can save you time, money, and trouble…

New License Records
As other people in your organization contribute to keeping track of license records, you may have granted permission to some individuals to add new licenses. Vector will alert you and other stakeholders you designate whenever new licenses are added, so that you will always know who added what and when – no surprises!

When license renewals creep up, you feel you may need more or less licenses but are left without sufficient time to check. This can result in a dangerous pattern of continuously pushing the task aside, only to find yourself in the same position the next year but still unprepared. Vector will remind you about the renewal with enough time to prepare, and support you with the information you need. How long before? We know that depends on the contract or software, so you can customize it per software or vendor.

When you need to get new license keys for software before the current ones expire, time constraints can leave you in a position of unnecessary stress and trouble. This results in a bad situation for the users, and for you. License Manager will remind you about the expired licenses and automatically request the vendors to send you the new keys.

We’ve all been in this scenario: you signed up for a trial of a software, but you are not sure it’s exactly what you need. However, you already entered your credit card information, and you must ensure that you decide to keep it or cancel it before the next payment goes through. Vector will remind you about this right on time, so expenses are spent efficiently (not to mention that your reputation as a star software manager grows!)

Requests & Approvals
License Manager allows you to keep track of new requested software or requests for additional licenses. If someone needs to approve a specific software or subscription, you can have Vector take care of the approval process. An email notification will be sent to the approver(s) so he or she can accept or reject the request. Then, you will know as soon as it is approved (or not), via an email notification sent right to you.

Allocation Thresholds
In some cases, there is certain software for which you need to keep spare licenses, or order licenses in batches of a minimum size. You can define what the minimum available quantity should be and Vector will notify you when you reach that threshold. Additionally, you may notify the vendor or start the procurement process automatically, leaving you more time to do whatever else needs to get done – and there’s always something, isn’t there?

Can I do more?
These are typical notifications included with your Vector system, but you can create any number of new notifications and trigger them in virtually every possible condition you may need. For example, do you want to automatically send an email to each of the four project leaders in Engineering before the renewal of any Autodesk product, to confirm that their users still need the software? No problem – you can go ahead and set this up in License Manager. The more you automate, the more you have time for other priorities.

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