The Benefits of an Inventory Management System

An inventory management system for your organization’s internal assets provides a multitude of benefits, and makes the life of an IT manager a lot easier. Using an asset management system for inventory is a simple way to get a count of all the assets in your organization, plus fill orders and maintain proper asset quantities. How? A network device discovery tool will find and enter all assets on a network, while an asset management system tracks asset lifecycle and automates everyday asset management tasks, like asset assignment. For instance, in many organizations a specific piece of equipment must be assigned to a user. This type of asset can be entered with a quantity, and once assigned to the proper user, gets deducted from the quantity in the system. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

There are also a number of extra benefits that an inventory management system can provide.


Email notifications can be sent for specified situations, like when an asset quantity drops below a certain specified level and needs to be replenished.

Manage approvals.

During asset assignment to different employees within the organization, an inventory management system can handle the corresponding multi-leveled approval process.

Manage resource/asset owners.

If all of your inventory is entered into one central system, each piece can easily have an owner assigned to it, making it simple for everyone in the organization to see exactly who each asset is assigned to.

Purchasing capabilities.

An inventory system can manage supplier information and service and maintenance contracts, plus import other purchasing information held in Excel and Microsoft Dynamics.

Asset depreciation.

Inventory depreciation information is held in the system, so you know exactly which stage of the lifecycle each piece of inventory is in, and when it needs to be replaced.


Quickly create reports on which assets your organization currently has, as well as forecasted future costs by asset, application, vendor or user.

So, where can you get all of these features in one? Vizor Assets is a great place to start, as this type of asset inventory system is ideal for any organization needing to store and count IT asset inventory, assign items to people or locations, and track asset information & depreciation details. Get a count of all your IT assets using a streamlined inventory management system!

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