Happy Halloween! Beware of IT Asset Management Horror…

Happy Halloween from Vizor!

Halloween can be a frightening time – especially when you’re reminded of some downfalls in your IT asset management strategy.

What are some fearful scenarios you may run into when managing your organization’s assets?

– Improper management of user accounts. Some licenses are counted based on the number of Active Directory users you have. Vizor can reconcile these users against the list of actual employees by integrating with your Human Resources system, or using data from an Excel or CSV file as input. AD accounts can be matched against those in HR, providing a report that summarizes any inconsistencies between account lists.

– Employee provisioning pains. It can be difficult to keep track of employee assets, especially when employees are frequently being hired or leaving the organization. Vizor helps you to manage asset assignment with a structured onboarding process for employee assets, as well as a unique role-based provisioning system for assigning them. Processes for reassigning and recycling assets are in place should an employee leave.

– Asset overspending risk. Vizor’s asset request portal ensures that employees are only requesting the assets they really need, which eliminates over-licensing issues. Assets requested through the portal also go through an automated approval and provisioning process, ensuring full compliance.

– Shadow IT looming. When employees sign up for cloud services without IT’s permission, your organization runs the risk of shadow IT from unauthorized application purchases. Again, the asset request portal eliminates this issue by guaranteeing multi-layered approvals for requested applications.

There you have it! Avoid these spooky situations by trying the Vizor system. Did you know that you can now test it completely free using our online Virtual Lab? Click the link below to get started!

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