5 Processes That Turbocharge Your SCCM

Many IT managers use Microsoft SCCM to extract valuable data about their IT assets. However, SCCM does not include all the extra features that can transform this data so it can be used in IT & software asset management. Here are the first 5 (out of 10) processes that Vizor offers in order to enhance your SCCM infrastructure for improved IT asset management & optimization.

1. Free your IT data. Vizor’s powerful web based interface frees data siloed in SCCM so all required department managers can have visibility of IT asset management processes and procedures.

2. Software inventory normalization. This process transforms raw inventory data collected by SCCM into usable information for license and software asset management. It removes patches and system updates reported in SCCM and performs version consolidation.

3. Complex licencing compliance. Vizor supports complex licencing compliance schemes such as per CPU and per core. Additionally, Vizor can be easily extended with custom license compliance calculations so your effective license position is always accurate, ensuring your organisation’s software compliance.

4. Automate software delivery. Vizor leverages existing application deployment infrastructure in SCCM to automate software delivery after approval, all while ensuring you remain compliant and without using IT resources.

5. Asset and software request portal. The self-service portal allows end users to request assets and services that they need, with processes in place to manage the subsequent approval and deployment.

Stay tuned for the next 5! In the meantime, head over to our Virtual Lab to try Vizor for yourself, absolutely free.

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