Eliminate Software Deployment Pain in SCCM

SCCM is a great tool for the operational IT tasks of software provision, such as packaging software deployments and executing remote installations. However, SCCM does not handle the entire software provisioning process from employee request, through multi-level approval and coordination of provisioning tasks across the organization. For many organizations, SCCM alone is not enough.

Is there a simple and easy-to-use solution to this problem that can be added on to your existing SCCM infrastructure? Vizor is a complete life cycle asset management solution which integrates tightly with SCCM, allowing organizations to capitalize on existing SCCM investment whilst streamlining the entire software provisioning process.

Here are some of the benefits to automating software deployments in SCCM with Vizor.

– Speedy software deployment. By utilizing Vizor, software can be deployed in SCCM automatically. The system will coordinate the entire deployment process for each software request that passes through, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing the workload for IT. Vizor can even recommend what software each employee requires based on their role or current projects.