Using Barcodes for Asset Inventory Management

Organizations have thousands of IT assets in their inventory, from USB memory sticks to server racks. Accurately tracking and managing these IT assets helps with future budgeting, reduces IT expenditure and increases security through visibility of ‘who has what’. Barcodes are a simple way to efficiently manage your hardware assets, as they provide a quick and easy way to input assets into your management system and manage the status of these assets throughout their lifecycle.

Here are four main benefits to using a barcode system:

    1. Speed

    Barcodes can be scanned in a matter of seconds, and the hardware will be onboarded directly into your asset management system. This saves a lot of time (and not to mention boredom) over manually entering barcode numbers for every asset within your organization. With a system like Vizor, scanned assets are quickly and automatically entered, leaving them ready for management in your asset library.

    2. Lifecycle Tracking

    Once barcodes are scanned, assets can be easily checked in and out of the system based on their barcodes. For instance, if a piece of hardware needs to be repaired, the barcode inventory system will automatically check it in or out when notified. The same goes for assigning assets to different people within your organization – hardware that is tracked with a barcode can be moved around the organization seamlessly.

    3. Accuracy

    When serial numbers are entered manually, this leaves too much room for human error. And hey, we are all human! Let a barcode scanner coupled with an asset management system like Vizor do the work and ensure accuracy for you. Simply scanning a barcode gives you peace of mind that there will be no slip-ups or errors.

    4. Low Cost

    Using a barcode system is a relatively cheap way to ensure that your assets are properly entered and managed. A basic barcode scanner can be purchased for your organization for as low as around $40, so this makes it a relatively low cost addition to your inventory management system.

There you have it – four straightforward ways why using barcodes alongside your asset management system is a great way to keep your assets organized, accurate and properly managed. Happy scanning!

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