Part 2: 5 (more) Processes that Turbocharge your SCCM

As mentioned in this post, many IT managers use Microsoft SCCM to extract valuable data about their IT assets, but it’s not enough for use in IT & software asset management. In addition to freeing IT data, software normalization, complex licensing compliance, automated software delivery and an asset request portal, here are 5 more processes Vizor offers to enhance your SCCM infrastructure.

6. Complete asset lifecycle management. Vizor Complete manages the entire asset lifecycle, from employee request, through approval, procurement, provisioning and eventual retirement. Vizor ensures managers are always up-to-date on the status of their assets, and therefore remain organized, compliant, and ready for any renewals, purchases, replacements or audits.

7. Manage cloud service subscriptions. Vizor manages cloud services subscriptions for web apps like Salesforce and cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Subscriptions can easily be allocated to end users and Vizor will keep track of current and forecast costs.

8. Manage asset allocation to employees & locations. Knowing who has what provides department and asset managers with full asset visibility and allows for optimal IT asset management. Assets can easily be allocated to employees and locations. Vizor even supports hierarchies including buildings, campuses, and even specific rooms or floors. Assets can also be checked in and out in the system so managers know where they are located at all times.

9. Timely notifications and reminders. Vizor Software ensures managers stay on top of license subscriptions and maintenance renewals with timely email alerts and reminders. IT and asset managers can stay informed on past, present, and future software expenditure throughout the asset lifecycle.

10. Automate employee onboarding and termination processes. Vizor’s unique role based provisioning knows exactly what IT assets and software new employees require for their role so they can be productive from day one and should an employee leave, complete asset recovery is ensured.

That concludes the 10 different ways that Vizor can enhance and optimize your current Microsoft SCCM investment for IT & software asset management. For more information, take a few minutes to try Vizor online for free and check out the Vizor page.

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